RLD Seminars

There will be two seminar sessions at RLD. The first session will focus on Life in Christ seminars. The second session will be Practical YL Seminars. You will have the opportunity to attend two seminars each session.​

Morning Seminars - Life in Christ
  • Hearing the voice of Jesus - Billy Tormey (Room 102/103)- Our conversation today will be about understanding how God speaks to us and then developing the ability to slow down and discern the voice of Jesus.
  • Why Forgive? - Allen Belton & Lynne Blessing (Room 108) - This workshop will focus on finding freedom through forgiveness as we engage with Scripture, video, stories and each other.
  • Solitude/Centering Prayer - Randy Rowland (Room 109) - This seminar will focus on the changing power of solitude and contemplative prayer. Come ask questions and practice.  ​
  • Health in Ministry (Spiritual Disciplines) - Katie Blincoe (Room 104/105) - How do we stay healthy spiritually so that we can continue to be effective in ministry? Come and join the discussion with an old fart on how to enjoy the life long journey with Jesus.
  • Mental and Emotional Health - Heather Sund & Rachel Levine (The Lodge) - When it comes to doing ministry well we have to be aware of the essentials of our own well-being. Let’s step out of the usual busyness of our days to find some breathing room and rest for ourselves. Come and learn practical ways you can take a piece of the rest with you even after this workshop is over.

Afternoon Seminars - Practical YL Seminars
  • Contact Work - Sammy Choi (Northshore Area Director) & Panel - (The Lodge) - One of the distinctive features of Young Life is contact work, which is instrumental in building meaningful relationships with students. Come to hear and take part in Q&A with an incredible panel of volunteers and staff members on how they do contact work in their respective community contexts.  From college volunteers to leaders in suburban areas, to married couples, veteran staff members, and those serving in urban areas we’ve collected a diverse group of different experiences so that we can equip you the best we can to go out and reach students. 
  • Club Talk - Proclamation - Scott Didrickson (Bellevue Area Director) & Brooke Thurton (NE Seattle College Director) - (Room 102/103)- Come learn some practical steps to help you give an excellent club talk.  We will focus on both the preparation of a message in the week leading up to club, as well as practical insight on how to deliver a message with confidence.  Newt Crenshaw, Steve Blacksmith, Russell Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda all give this seminar 2 thumbs up.  ​
  • Campaigners - How to lead a Bible Study - Nick Davenport (Shoreline Area Director) & Missy Kenoyer (Bellingham Area Director) -  - (Room 108)  Why do we do it? What are the important key elements? Share best practices and hear some tips, tricks and ideas to give life to your campaigners group. Walk away with more resources and ideas on how to make your Campaigners group the best it can be!
  • Time Management - Matthew Erikson (Whidbey Island Area Director) (Room 110) - For those who serve in ministry, time can feel like a constraint rather than a blessing.  Join us in this seminar to understand how God has wired us and given us tools to work from a place of rest rather than constantly trying to find rest from our work.​
  • Ministry Strategy - Zach Hunter (NE Seattle Area Director) (Room 104/105) - Our strategy must be the Holy Spirit, amen!? But there are fundamental principles that can help shape and focus our efforts to reach more kids in Jesus’ name. I hope to equip and encourage you to do effective ministry in your community by talking about both.
  • Multiethnic Ministry - Having a vision for every kid - Dom Folkins (West Seattle Area Director) & Peter Lee (Bellevue Staff Associate) (Room 109) - Young Life certainly has a specific culture, and if we aren’t intentional, we can easily miss important groups of students. Would you like to both soak in and share wisdom about having eyes to see students who may be different than you? Please join us for a conversation about the power of relationship and intentionality when it comes to reaching kids, specifically through a multiethnic lens. 

  • YoungLives - Mary McCracken - Room 106
  • Student Staff - Ryan Hinnebusch - Room 101
  • Committee - Steve Blacksmith - Room 215

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